Marrichje Pieters‎(unknown)‎  ‎(I16476)‎
Marrichje Pieters‎(unknown)‎

Gender: FemaleFemale

Death: after 16 May 1603
Personal Facts and Details
MarriageMarriage Type unknown
Symon Lauwen‎(unknown)‎ -
Death after 16 May 1603
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Immediate Family  (F1188719916)
Symon Lauwen‎(unknown)‎
- 1600
Cornelis Simon Laurensz‎(unknown)‎

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Close Relatives
Family with Symon Lauwen‎(unknown)‎
Symon Lauwen‎(unknown)‎ ‎(I16475)‎
Death before 11 March 1600
Marrichje Pieters‎(unknown)‎ ‎(I16476)‎
Death after 16 May 1603