DirkPool  ‎(I2110)‎

Gender: MaleMale

Birth: 9 May 1841 Nieuwe-Niedorp
Personal Facts and Details
Birth 9 May 1841 Nieuwe-Niedorp

MarriageMarriage Type unknown
Marijtjede Graaf -
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Immediate Family  (F636)
Marijtjede Graaf
1836 -


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bron: genealogieonline.nl verder op ­http­://­www­.­genealogieonline­.­nl­/­stamboom_kueter­/­I24083­.­php­

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Close Relatives
Family with Marijtjede Graaf
DirkPool ‎(I2110)‎
Birth 9 May 1841 Nieuwe-Niedorp
-5 years
Marijtjede Graaf ‎(I1461)‎
Birth 18 April 1836 25 24 Winkel
Death Winkel